Thailand Natural Disasters Museum and Memorial

By  V a r a t    l i m w i b u l  (

Location: Marui Earth Fault,Marui River,Baan Tasanook,Tappood,Phannga,Thailand

Site Area : 102,032  Building  Area : 17,000

In the present day, Human Technology is increasing rapidly and limitlessly. The world becomes tiny because frameless communication system. Moreover, modern medical technology is developing to the point that can reduce the many death of mankind but also increase the birthrate. Since the population of human is rising, the need of comfort to their life are also increasing continuity in trend of unlimited scale. And from these many reasons mankind in present day still continue to consume natural resources extremely by overcome or control nature.

The balance of fourth fundamental element which are Earth, Water, Wind and Fires is collapsed due to extremely consumption of human behavior. Nowadays, natural are unstable force themselves to adjust new state of nature. The adjustment occur in form of  “Natural Disasters” which difficult to estimate and evaluate.

In BE2554, human continuous received various natural disasters ,Tsunami wave (BE2547) in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and India. Huge forest fires of the world in USA (BE2550). Cyclone Nagis in Myanmar (BE2551).Volcanic eruption in Iceland (BE2553). Earth quake and Tsunami occur in Japan (BE2554). Flood crisis in Thailand (BE2554). And never last of disaster will come again and again.

Thailand Natural Disasters Museum and Memorial is the place not only collect and publish academic article. But also is the place for new generation to know natural disasters occurrence. Enlighten for them to survive. Live with awareness in crucial natural disasters. This place will create inspiration to people, community and nation to proud to preserve the ecological for the new world era.

Project has two main core, ”NATURAL DISASTERS MUSEUM” and “MEMORIAL OF NATURAL RECOGNIZE”, Museum’s goal is to remind us what are natural disasters, How they affect the mankind, Where and when they will  explode. These factor will bring cruel and dynamic feeling to create the complexity drama space. On the other hand Memorial target is to warn humanity to preserve our natural in a serenity emotion which creates greatly simple space for the human and that space will be surrounded by the Mother of the earth.

From those two contradict main core program bring us to design project concept  based on study of people emotional phenomenon. The research found that the contrast of emotion create more power of strong emotional. That’s mean the feeling of dynamic can create the power of static serenity emotion in instantaneously condition.

The complexity dynamic of museum and simplicity serenade of memorial are tremendously strong opposite power to each others. These two factors become solution of architecture layout which intentionally lay down the memorial next to the museum to create the instantaneously emotional condition. Nowadays the capitalism turn old mangrove forests site to shrimp farming for commercial. To show the value and beauty of nature, project was designed to turn back all shrimp farm into original mangrove forest by collapse the soil ridge to bring the brackish water from the river and flood all over the site. Finally, the site will turn back to mangrove forest as project purposed.

Using the old approach of shrimp farming site to preserve origin trees. The approach is to lay down the construction from west to east to create a simple LINE direct to Marui river and rich mangrove forest opposite the site. Along the river has a vernacular architecture, one storey house keep up from the ground by wood columns under the house to avoid the flooding situation. Palm leaf topped the roof and wood panels for the wall and floor. Consequently, the people who live in the vernacular natural house in term of water cultural to meet true happiness and peace. In other word, This “LINE” is design to be MEMORIAL point us to simple happiness and sustainable lifestyle with the nature. Along the marui river lies a villager path way cause the memorial line turn it’s characteristic into a bridge to preserve the villager path. A design contain small rectangular reflect pool in the end of the bridge to show that people can live peacefully with the nature like serenade water surface contrast to the dynamic natural water surface from the river.

A design contrast of the simplicity of Memorial and Museum in form of explosion located on intersection of memorial line and Marui conceptual earth fault in Phannga provinces of Thailand. This form has direction of forces exploded from the center spread in every place. In scientific this form is called “Core of the Natural Disasters Forces.” Not only Earthquake, Volcano, Tornado but also Tsunami are included in this form which create the dynamic and complexity space defining the sense of natural disasters to humanity. Moreover, this form allow a mangrove forest animal to live under the architecture result in dividing explosion form architecture.

Characteristic of architecture is design to answer the tropical climate and topography. Lead the natural light to the architecture, Design the cross natural ventilation condition. Keep up the first floor Not only support flood season but also create  space for mangrove animal to live with the architecture. Design materials similarity to a vernacular architecture and natural material surround the marui river such as concrete from limestone mountain and mangrove forest wood with the concept of genuine natural materials.


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